Goulburn Storage Sheds

Terms & Conditions

Access Hours

24 hours


Office Hours

Raine & Horne Goulburn

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm



  • Your MUST key your PIN CODE into the gate keypads to enter and exit. This controls the individual alarm system on your storage unit door/s.
  • When entering your PIN, press the STAR Key (*) enter your PIN CODE and press the HASH Key (#).
  • After entering you PIN CODE into the gate keypad if it shows:
    • “ACCESS DENIED” means the incorrect pin code has been entered, try again.
    • “ACCESS SUSPENDED” means your account is overdue resulting in being automatically locked out by the computerised security system. All accounts must be paid by the due date. Please pay overdue fees at the office during business hours.
  • Do not tailgate other vehicles entering or leaving the centre. If you have more than one (1) car entering the centre you must PIN in for each  vehicle. 


Fees & Charges

  • Rentals are due by the date shown on your invoices. Please discuss the various payment options with the managers staff.
  • We recommend you insure the contents of your storage unit. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to the manager.
  • The following fees may be charged:
    • Late Fee $20.00 (applied 10 days after your due date).
    • Security Breach $70.00 if an alarm is triggered out of office hours, you will be charged for the cost of attending to the alarm.
  • If you damage any property you are obligated to reimburse the company for the cost of repairs.
  • Office staff CANNOT allow access until fees are paid in full.


Vacating Your Unit

  • 7 DAYS NOTICE is required prior to vacating your unit.
  • You are required to complete the NOTICE OF MOVING OUT form before vacating.
  • Call into our office to finalise your account.
  • Ensure that you remove everything from your unit and leave the unit clean. 



  • Ensure you advise us if you change your address or phone number.
  • SMOKING is NOT permitted within the storage centre, under state regulations smoking is not permitted with four (4) metres of the building entrance.
  • Any problems outside hours that require URGENT assistance please call us on 02 4821 9088.
  • If it is a medical emergency outside office hours or if the office is unattended call 000


A $30 deposit and a $20 lease fee is required on all storage unit hire.

$30 of the deposit will be refunded if we receive 7 days notice of intention to vacate the unit and when the unit is empty.

If we do not receive the 7 days notice the deposit will be forfeited. Please also note that if rubbish is left in  the unit or it is excessively dirty the $30 deposit will also be forfeited.



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